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Discover up-to-date skills every product manager and product VP needs​.

This event brings together 24+ top-of-their-field experts to equip you for the next phase of your product management career FREE (for a limited time).

  • April 8-10, 2020

Join 4000+ people just like you and start accelerating your career!

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Now You’re Probably Wondering, What EXACTLY Will I Get Out Of Attending This Virtual Summit?

For Product VPs

  • Learn to build a successful strategy.
  • Create the correct business model for your next product.
  • Present, persuade, and influence in an authentic and effective way.
  • Make this your best year working with your Sales VP.
  • Discover how to best accelerate organizational growth.
  • ... and much more!

For Product Managers

  • Discover how product managers need to think differently in 2020.
  • Build effective cross-functional teams and extend your influence.
  • Learn how to comfortably interview customers and build your next great product.
  • Discover what to do now to excel in product management.
  • Conduct user research  like a pro.
  • ... and much more!

PLUS – Inspiration from Ruben Gonzalez, the first person to compete in four
Winter Olympics in four different decades, now going for five!  

Learn how to unlock the characteristics you already have for greater success!

The Summit is an extension of
The Everyday Innovator Podcast.

Here is what people love about it...

Product Manager Interview - Felicia Anderson

The best of the product management podcasters...

I continue to delight in your skills as an interviewer.  Your combination of recapping what’s been said and staying in the moment as the conversation unfolds makes your podcast such a delight to listen to.    I think you’re the best of any of the PdM podcasters.

Felicia Anderson  //  Product Management VP

Finer things books do not address...

I find it immensely useful; I'm very happy that you discuss those finer things about PdM that no books do. It is a great resource for existing and aspiring PMs.

Amlan Das  //  Senior Product Manager

An inspiration...

Your podcast is a source of inspiration and has helped me guide important decisions for my team and product.

Axel Elvik //  VP Products

Product Manager Testimonial

Helped me get new a job...

Recently, I found myself in a situation in which I needed to interview for jobs for the first time in over 20 years. The first couple interviews did not go very well. With over 20 years in product management, I could spend a half-hour just summarizing my experience. Your podcasts helped me filter out the "noise" and provide the most relevant answers. Thanks!

Jim  //  Senior Product Manager

Product Manager Testimonial

Nearly doubled my salary...

I was going after a larger role in a different company, moving from Marketing into Product. After listening to some episodes of The Everyday Innovator, I realized how I could position my previous experience and shine in the interviews. I beat out a lot of really good people and got the job, nearly doubling my salary. Thanks The Everyday Innovator!

Martha //  Global Products Director


The Top Insights for Product Managers and Product VPs, FREE in the Summit Playbook

Discover what’s working today, in 2020, for the most effective product managers and leaders.

We get it, you may not have time for all the sessions in the Summit, but you still want the best tips. Get the most valuable insight from each speaker in the Playbook along with one of their favorite quotes. It is yours for registering; it and the Summit are free.

FEATURED Expert Sessions

Motivational Keynote

Ruben Gonzalez - Courage for Success
Ruben Gonzalez - 4 Winter Olympics in 4 decades

April 8, Wednesday @ 12:00 PM EDT | 9:00 AM PDT

Create the Courage to Succeed at Anything

“Ruben hits you with the absolute truth about what it takes to succeed in the real world.” - Tony Robbins mentor Jim Rohn. Ruben shares the characteristics you need to succeed in life.

Product Manager Track

Product Manager Interview - Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson – CPO & Coach

April 8, Wednesday@ 9:00 AM EDT | 6:00 AM PDT

Product Manager or Problem Manager – Which Should You Be?

Steve is one of the most recognized and in-demand coaches for transforming ideas to products. He has personally coached and trained more product managers in more organizations than anyone.

Product Manager Interview - Tony Ulwick
Tony Ulwick – Jobs-to-be-Done Pioneer

April 10, Friday @ 8:00 AM EDT | 5:00 AM PDT

How to Use Jobs-to-be-Done to 5X Your Success

“Ulwick’s outcome-driven programs bring discipline and predictability to the often random process of innovation” – Clayton Christensen. As the JTBD pioneer with 28+ years of practitioner experience using it, no one knows more about applying JTBD to create more valuable products.

Product VP Track

Product Manager Interview - Alex Osterwalder
Alex Osterwalder – Business model Canvas Creator

April 8, Wednesday @ 1:00 PM EDT | 10:00 AM PDT

Tools that Equip You to Lead Your Organization in Beating Your Competitors

Most organizational leaders who care about innovation recognize Alex's name. He invented the one-page Business Model Canvas and many other tools that are transforming and simplifying  product management and innovation.

Product Management Interview - Ash Maurya
Ash Maurya – Running Lean Practitioner

April 9, Thursday@ 1:00 PM EDT | 10:00 AM PDT

Applying Lean for Continuous Innovation

Ash provided the practical steps for implementing Lean Startup through his books Running Lean and Scaling Lean. He is an evangelist for the proverb "life's too short to build something nobody wants" and he has created and tested tools and processes for building products customers love, including the Lean Canvas.

Plus Many More Experts!

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Why Should I Sign Up For
The Everyday Innovator Summit?

Specifically Curated Speakers 
Actionable Content for 2020

The topics and strategies explained by the top product management experts in the world were hand-picked just for The Everyday Innovator Summit.

You Don’t Even Need To Leave Your Office

Attend from your computer, phone or tablet. There’s no flight or hotel room to book… saving you thousands of dollars and time away from your family.

Quality Expert Content

This is not your ordinary online event. We take pride in delivering you the absolute best content from top professionals so that you can get higher performance in 2020.

Quick Insights & Quotes in the Playbook

With 24+ speakers, we know you may not get to all the sessions. The Playbook shares a key insight from each speaker's session along with an inspiring quote so that you won’t miss a thing!

Product Management Strategies Revealed By The Top Experts

Your journey to higher performance product management could go one of two ways:

Long & Challenging Way

  • You could spend countless hours researching and trying to implement outdated product management strategies that aren't that effective anymore (or worse... don't work at all)! If you'd like to get results fast and know what is working in 2020, this Summit is for you!

Fast & Easy Way

  • Sign up for The Everyday Innovator Summit and get real insights from top-of-their-field experts and a guide to their most valuable tips, equipping you to succeed in product management in 2020. All this at no cost. It's a true no-brainer.

This is no run-of-the-mill virtual summit. 

This one is designed to help product managers in the least amount of time. The best experts in their field, with the information you need, in a format to save you time.


Chad McAllister, PhD


Chad McAllister, PhD

Hi, I’m Chad.

I discovered the discipline of product management after doing it for 10 years without knowing it. After learning frameworks, tools, and practices, I now share them with others.

My podcast, The Everyday Innovator, is valued by product managers and leaders and I’ve been recognized as a Top 40 Product Management Influencer and a Top 10 Innovation blogger.

My mission is to equip and inspire product managers.

I’m here to show you the way to a better and more meaningful career in product management.

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