Innovation training to change your career and your life

Innovation training to change your career and your life

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Innovation eCourses

Build a Strong Foundation

Foundations of Product Innovation TrainingMoving into a product role or establishing a culture of product innovation?  Create a strong foundation for success.

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Certification Prep

Deepen Your Knowledge Certification Prep

Stand out from your peers by earning globally recognized professional certifications from AIPMM and PDMA.

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In Person Workshops

Move Forward

WorkshopsGet your team or group moving in the same direction in record time, creating market-winning products and an innovation culture.

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Online eCourses Product Developers, Managers, Innovators, and Leaders Trust

You need training that works for you and that is what you get.  People taking Foundation classes learn important innovation practices, but more importantly, they learn what questions they should be asking instead of blindly following a consultant.   Professionals preparing with us for certification pass the PDMA or AIPMM exams.  Many know our work because we created the first online study program for the PDMA NPDP certification in partnership with the Rocky Mountain PDMA chapter. We are also the only training provider approved by both PDMA and AIPMM.  Our training works -- you will be prepared to pass the exam and earn certification when you prepare with us. Read our customer quotes.   No Risk! Go through any eCourse  for  30 days - more than enough time to determine if the course is valuable to you. After using the training, applying the knowledge, and improving your skills, if the eCourse does not meet your expectations, simply tell us and we will refund 100% of your investment.

Universities Also Use Our Materials

We are delighted universities and professors adopt our materials for courses and executive education. A few we have worked with include:
  • Colorado State University-Global Campus
  • Monfort Institute at the Monfort College of Business, University of Northern Colorado
  • University of Washington-Tacoma
As a group, Millennials / Generation Y are pursuing entrepreneurial roles at a very high rate and they need to understand product innovation. We are glad universities are using our materials and educating future innovators.

Who Are We?

The eCourses and workshops are created and facilitated by innovation practitioners, many who also are PhDs teaching for leading universities. We know innovation and we know teaching - just what you need in a training partner. We provide online eCourses that offer collaboration with peers and experts. Companies that need to get a group moving together quickly and learn innovation practices value our face-to-face workshops. We also help you stand out by earning certifications from the leading international professional groups: the NPDP from PDMA and the CIL from AIPMM. Becoming competent at product innovation practices and creating a culture of innovation has never been easier. About PIE

What Are We Good At?

We love seeing organizations and individuals develop marketing-winning products and services. Innovation training can and should be managed and we are passionate at creating innovation leaders. Our materials are created by PhDs with practical industry experience who are also experts at adult education – a very rare combination. We have crafted highly effective online courses and interactive workshops for innovation training as well as CIL and NPDP certification preparation. You receive a wide view of the product innovation body of knowledge and will be equipped to know the questions you should be asking instead of only relying on the current hot consulting trend. Read Testimonials

Who Do We Work With?

Individuals and organizations use our online eCourses and in person workshops to increase their success with product development, management, and innovation. Whether you are new to a product role and need to make sense of your new responsibilities and the process you should be using for a growing career or are a seasoned product leader wanting to deepen your knowledge, you will find valuable information here. Organizations use our innovation training workshops as well as CIL and NPDP preparation courses to create a foundation of innovation knowledge, building an innovation culture, and, as we have often heard, “get everyone on the same page and moving together.”

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